Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Its My Way and I'm Rollin'

Roller Girls

Growing up on the east coast in Florida I had a plethora of beaches at my disposal. I took full advantage and frequented them monthly. Every moment at the beach was blissful, but I never took full advantage of the beach life... until now!

When I moved to Los Angels I expected to gain more of an active outdoor lifestyle, but never thought I'd have the opportunity to live so close to the beach and mountains!

One weekend a friend wanted to go roller skating for her birthday out on The Strand, aka Marvin Braude Bike Trail. The Bike trail runs along the pacific ocean, from Redondo Beach up to Santa Monica. You can rent skates at various places near the venice pier, Venice Bike and Skate offers daily rentals for $24.00. (http://venicebikeandskates.com/) Prior to meeting my friend I went bike shopping and well... walked out of the sports store with brand new white skates!

What better place to feel like a kid again and roller skate than at the Venice Beach!!

We even found a skating group! A few roller skaters make a space for themselves near the venice skate park. If you ever find yourself skating into their group, just make sure you go counterclockwise in the circle! Enjoy the short video of us trying to be part of the skilled group :)

Best part about investing in the roller skates and that we now go weekly for some fun exercise!

If your visiting Venice Beach you might want to grab some roller skates and skate to the Santa Monica Pier.