Friday, August 4, 2017

Not-yo Nachos!

I love Nachos!

Growing up when my Aunt visited us in Florida she would take me to the mall and my one request was to have nachos at the food court. I dream about the creamy yumminess of the cheese dip! When I saw a restaurant in downtown LA had creamy cheese Nachos I had to try it!

Bar Amá is located at 118 West 4th Street in Downtown Los Angeles. There was plenty of street parking and we ever scored a free spot 3 blocks away! What initially caught my eye about Bar Amá was their advertisement for their Super Nacho Hour, the restaurants take on happy hour.

Margaritas are $9 and beer, Pacifico or Modelo are $4. There is about 10 items on the Nacho Hour menu, Super Nachos being one of them at the cost of only $8!!! Even offer a vegan option of Super Nachos, so Cali of them!

Thick crispy tortilla chips topped with avocado, crema, salmorejo salsa and melted cheese! Cheese was on point! Enjoyed these nachos very much, next time I would ask for the salsa on the side. There was so much melted cheese that after we finished the dish we needed more chips to finish off the cheese!  

Bar Amá has (or had) a secret menu item of puffy shrimp taco. This was different, shrimp was good however, again the salsa was a little different yet good. I'd like all the melted cheese added next time. Cheese on everything next time! haha! 

All in all this experience was delicious and I'd go back for some margaritas and nachos during the Super Nacho Hour or even to try their Dinner! 

If you happen to be downtown in Los Angeles, stop by 5:30pm - 7pm or 10pm - close on weekdays for the specials.